Wow, it's already week three of Friday Night Live and Farmer's Market! The last two weeks have been at blast, great music, food and atmosphere ! We've had our pizza booth in front of the new location and will continue to be in front of 105 North Cloverdale Blvd for the rest of the summer. Come by and get your slice before we sell out!

The great migration from 117 East 1st St to the Blvd is underway, we're projecting to be in the new spot in early August, we've been busy at Papa's. Tasting new creations and working on expanding our team. Working on a brand new logo for the restaurant and also soon to be released Papa's Pizza App for download on your phone and tablet! At Papa's we are blending the old fashioned pizza parlor with the new technological world, retaining the small pizza café charm while giving our customers the convenience of being connected.

2015 Friday Night Live and Farmer's Market

As many of you locals know Papa's is in the process of moving! After 27 years at the same location, Mike and Denaire have bought Papa's a new home. Not to worry the new location is steps away from the current one. This summer you can find us at 105 North Cloverdale Blvd. This years Friday Night Live and Farmer's Market begins in two weeks! Feeling hungry and curious? Come by 105 North Cloverdale Blvd. and grab a slice of pizza and get the opportunity to peek inside the building and see the process of transforming what was once a wine tasting location into the soon to be new Papa's Pizza Café!